Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

One of the activities that is becoming particularly important in the last years in the experience-seeking new kind of tourism is the possibility to take cooking classes with professional chefs.  There are an increasing number of venues that offer their clients this option, from restaurants to product brands and wineries, giving the wine tourist the possibility to develop their culinary skills by wine-pairing their elaborated products.

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If you want to go one step further, and be yourself who participate in cooking traditional dishes of the region you are visiting, we also have a tour for you.

Some types of cooking classes

Product-based cooking classes

The main characteristic of this type of cooking is that a particular product is featured in the cooking class, this way we learn about cooking times, combinations and other tricks when using these products so we can become experts; some of the products used in the cooking classes are different types of rice, pasta or fish.

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International cuisine classes; experience something different

We can say that international cuisine classes are the star of all cooking classes because they provide the possibility to “travel” around the world without leaving our place of residence and give us the opportunity to try flavors, scents and textures different from the ones we are used to in our day to day life.

We can highlight the Japanese cooking classes that will allow us to reproduce the flavors of this delicious cuisine at home, from well-known dishes like sushi and sashimi to more unfamiliar dishes in the Western world like okonomiyaki, or Japanese crepe, which would be accompanied by the typical rice wine: sake

Another gastronomy to discover is Greek cuisine, with ingredients such as feta cheese, grape leaves, Kalamata olives or the famous Greek yogurt; participating in a Greek cuisine class, we are able to recreate dishes such as mousaka, dolmades or spanakopita in our kitchen.

Lastly, Thai cooking classes give us the chance to discover ingredients and spices that are practically unknown, such as coconut milk, curry paste or turmeric and use them to prepare dishes like pad thai.

Cooking classes in wineries

As we mentioned previously, there are more and more wineries that offer their visitors the possibility to take cooking classes.

In these cooking classes the wine is the protagonist and the foods that are prepared are perfectly paired with the wines that the wine cellar offers, providing the possibility to feel, at least for a few hours, like an expert sommelier and chef.

In Viavinum we bring the best professionals to you, and with them participate in fun cooking classes or in simpler “show cooking” sessions.  Traditional cooking, creative cooking, pastry-making… you choose the type of cooking that interests you.

We look forward to making your trip an unforgettable gourmet experience!