Corporate events and TeamBuilding

Corporate Events and TeamBuilding

A winery can be converted in a unique setting for your corporate events

Increasingly popular corporate meetings and events are one of the basic mechanisms for a company to reach a two-fold objective; internally, the objective is teamwork cohesion or to award certain employees, externally, a chance for the consumers to gain knowledge of the goods and services that the organizing company offers.


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Corporate meetings, teambuilding activities and, in general, any corporate event combined with wine and gastronomy are always a safe bet, and with Viavinum, a guarantee of success. Your clients and employees alike will appreciate this type of event. There are many company activities that we can be offered and designed around wine culture and the wineries.

Viavinum organizes customized company activities and events, from a full day of surprises, half-day, teambuilding activities, your convention, company meetings, gala dinners…all in the environment you are looking for.

Some ideas for your company team building or event

The events that can take place are almost endless, although they should be adapted to the objectives and to the venues where they are held.  The following are some examples:

Presentations and product launching

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We help you find the creativity and impact you’re looking for to launch your product. Surprise your customers by combining the wine culture with “haute cuisine”, among other things, in an exceptional venue, and with any of our complementary activities, and your guests will not forget.

Themed dinners

Give a special touch to your usual company dinner and turn it into a magical night. We’ll assist you from zero, bringing ideas for the creation of the concept, scenography, the setting up to theming. Give us your idea, or choose some already created: Magic show and juggling, Christmas party, 60’s party, The 80’s, Medieval times, Flamenco party, Night of Terror, amongst others.

Team building

The variety here is just as wide as the previous; from a group wine tasting where all participants, amateur or experienced, could learn more about this subject, to fun wine themed scavenger hunts where employees will experience unforgettable moments with their co-workers.

If you would like to surprise your clients or your own employees with a special activity related to wine and gastronomy, then ask us for all of the options.  The possibilities are unlimited!

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