Only recently we are hearing the word “gourmet” much more frequently, so today the terms “gourmet experience”, “gourmet restaurant” or “wine gourmet” are quite trendy.


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Actually, the word “gourmet” derives from French which in Spanish it means “gastrónomo” (gastronomist), so traditionally, this means anyone savvy in good food and drinks who knows how to enjoy them, but nowadays this term is applied also to food itself.

The gourmet experience in combination with wines is extensive, from Michelin star restaurants to food tastings and samplings such as oils or salt cured food.  Will you join us on this gourmet journey?

Some essential gourmet experiences

Gourmet restaurants

Today there are many restaurants that are classified as “gourmet”.  They are places in which the dishes have greater standards in taste, freshness, and presentation than other restaurants.  The culinary experience is usually completed with quality tableware, glasses and tablecloths in accordance with the dishes, and of course, rounded by an exquisite service.  

Some of these gourmet restaurants are included in the Michelin Guide that was created in 1900 to guide the few automobile drivers of that time in such things as auto repair shops, doctors and city maps. Beginning in 1920, the guide included restaurants in its pages, and in 1926 initiated the well-known three-star classification that still exists today.

In Spain, we have an amazing gastronomy and there are a large number of Michelin star restaurants to enjoy this type of experience distributed all over the country, for example:  Atrio, Quique Dacosta, Lasarte, Aponiente, Arzak or Akelarre among many others.  

Gourmet Wines

Possibly the world of wines was the first to discover the gourmet philosophy, mainly because the wine traveler is always interested in pairing the pleasure of good food with the appropriate wines for each occasion; this is the reason why there are a number of wines and wine cellars that fully embody the term “gourmet”.

With this in mind there has been a surge of guides targeted to this public that year after year attempts to point out the best wines, and in Spain we have the “Guía de Vinos Gourmets” (Guide to Gourmet Wines) published yearly since 1983 where more than 4000 wines from more than 1000 wineries are rated so the wine enthusiast will have knowledge of the best wines to acquire each year.

Another remarkable publication is the “Guía Peñin”, which includes in its 2017 edition a professional wine tasting of more than 11.500 wines from every Spanish designation of origin.

Whether a restaurant, a gourmet experience, or a good wine, in Viavinum we customize your trip so that you can enjoy and relish the gourmet experience.  We are waiting for you!