Incentive travel

Incentive travel

Sipping a glass of wine while contemplating some of the most beautiful corners of Spain, Portugal, France or Italy is truly one of the most fascinating and unique experiences.

A small gesture that your employees and clients will never forget if they share this experience with you.  We propose a unique trip, a truly special one.

Incentive trips are the best possible way to thank your staff and clients for all they do for your company and to encourage them to remain there.  Together with your guests you can enjoy historic locations thanks to their culture and gastronomy.  The incentive trips can also be adapted to your needs.  Choose your favorite one!

Let´s take a closer look at some of the possibilities that these trips can offer.

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What should we take into account on an incentive trip?

First of all we should take into consideration that it should be a customized trip.  Since objectives vary in all groups, companies, clients, the trip must be personalized to meet the needs of each one.

The benefits of incentive travel

As mentioned previously, incentive trips offer many advantages for the company as well as their guests/participants.

  • Teams are reinforced
  • They will always be remembered
  • We establish more personal relationships with our co-workers, which surely there is no time for us to do in our everyday lives
  • We relate our job with a positive experience such as these types of travel incentives
  • A sense of empathy is generated between participants


Some activities to include in an Incentive trip for companies

Cóctel museo Enzo Ferrari Modena

There are many different types of activities and it is possible to combine some of these activities in a single trip. For instance, if we are in a coastal location, one of the options to include would be experiences related to the ocean.  Below we list some ideas:

Cultural themes:  visits to museums, archaeology tours, visits to World Heritage Sites and places as famous as the Roman Coliseum or the Nôtre Dame Cathedral are essential in a cultural incentive trip

Adventure: everything related to adventure, sports and outdoor activities:  golf, kayak, paddle boarding, boat races, horseback riding, 4×4 treks, or impressive views on hot air balloon or helicopter tours.   

Gastronomy: local cooking classes, wine tasting, visits to wineries, visits to farmers’  markets, olive oil tasting

Luxury:  luxury experiences that involve activities in the hotel itself including thermal baths, exclusive spa treatments, etc. for much deserved relaxation.  Or how about a day of relaxation in the outdoors?  For example, a visit to the Lago Maggiore in Italy while enjoying a glass of wine might be the perfect option, or visiting wine cellars and vineyards in vintage cars. Or, why not, going shopping to the best boutiques with a personal shopper


In Viavinum we have more than 10 years experience organizing customized trips related to wine and offering unforgettable experiences, combining to perfection oenology and other aspects like gastronomy, luxury experiences, culture, and much more.

You can count on us to arrange the incentive trip you have always dreamed of!