Luxury experiences

Luxury experiences

If you are a wine lover and you enjoy unique experiences as well, our exclusive trips are what you are looking for

Enjoy some of the best wines in the world, discover the most charming corners and rich cuisine, culture, art and history of countries like Spain, France, Italy or Portugal.

With our exclusive wine tours, you will not only enjoy the wine and the most beautiful wine regions in the planet, but you will also live unique sensations that you will never forget. How about getting to know some?

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In the past years there has been a spectacular increase in demand for luxury experiences; this is because not only people with high spending potential look for these types of experiences, but, more frequently people with average spending potential dedicate their time and income to living luxury experiences on certain occasions, so there are more and more establishments that offer “luxury experiences” in their activity programs.

Some ideas for luxury experiences

Today, with the growth of this market, the types of experiences that can be enjoyed are virtually unlimited, with gourmet gastronomy being at the top of the list, but certainly not the only one.

Restaurant visits and other experiences

One of the most memorable experiences for real food lovers is without a doubt the sampling of dishes in restaurants, in this sense, those included in the Michelin guide stand out.  This guide has had a listing of restaurants since 1920 and since 1931 it has given the restaurants their well-known classification, awarding three, two or one Michelin Star.

In Spain, we could find a wide range of these kinds of restaurants located all over the country such as Akelarre, Sant Pau or Quique Dacosta.

As if this were not enough, these dishes can be sampled in our own home; some of our award-winning chefs offer to come to our homes and prepare some of their most famous recipes.  Is there anything better than surprising your guests with “haute cuisine” in your own home?

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Sampling, tasting and private visits to the wineries

Another option related to luxury is found in product tasting, within this category the wine tastings and private visits to the wine cellars stand out; these experiences give us first-hand knowledge of the process of making a famed product such as wine, and allow us to taste the varieties that are elaborated in the wine cellar.

However, the tastings are not limited to the world of wines; other famous products in our gastronomy, such as the cheese, the olive oil and salt-cured meats are susceptible to providing the food traveler an unforgettable experience as well as gain knowledge of the secrets of the product that is tasted.

Sports experiences

A third group of luxury experiences that delights travelers are sports-related experiences; standing out among these is the increase in popularity of golf; this sport has experimented a tremendous surge at the amateur level, so it is more and more frequent to organize courses to learn the basics of golf as well as tournaments in which the most experienced players can show their abilities with the “putt”.  Similarly, an intimate connection between wine and golf is emphasized, so there is a growing number of wineries that have golf courses near their facilities.

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We can also offer private visits to museums, yacht excursions in Costa Brava or Costa Dorada, driving a race car… Let your imagination fly, the options are endless!