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One of the signs of identity of Spanish cuisine is without a doubt the tradition of accompanying a drink, with or without alcohol, with a small portion of hot or cold food served by the establishment, most of the time at no charge; this pleasant custom has been internationalized with the name “tapa”.

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Below you will find a detailed listing of some of the most typical tapas and some of the best places to have tapas in our country, although it´s possible to take a great tapas tour anywhere in the Spanish territory

The most popular tapas

There are as many types of tapas as places that serve them, so, a tapas tour is an experience that can have as many nuances as places to enjoy them. To give an idea, we can describe some different types of tapas:

Cold Tapas

In the range of cold tapas we include from olives or nuts that are normally served with your beverage at no extra cost to “montaditos” which is a bread roll filled with cold meats or other ingredients.

Hot Tapas

In this group we have hot “montaditos” which are very typical in the North of Spain (pintxos), to the small “cazuelitas de barro (clay pots) that contain miniature versions of typical Spanish cuisine dishes (paella, meat stews, chickpea dishes).  Andalucía is very famous for these types of tapas, especially Granada, where it is common to serve them free of charge for each “round” of drinks that the customers order.

Some of the best places in Spain to have tapas

As we mentioned, it is increasingly popular for many places to offer the visitor a chance to take a tapas tour in the area, for this reason the wine tourist could complete the experience with this type of activity.  Below we suggest some good locations for tapa tours in Spain:


The capital of the wine region of La Rioja offers among their experiences the possibility to go on a tapas tour through the historical center of the city; this is a chance for the visitor to discover the famous Calle Laurel and savor the most popular tapas of La Rioja gastronomy (pork cheek stew, mini hamburgers, trufoie…), matched with the most popular wines of the region.


Located in the Ribera del Duero wine region, you will find a great number of bars surrounding the Plaza Mayor where you can savor tapas such as cured ham with bechamel sauce on toasted bread or a small serving of sirloin roast beef with caramelized onion that combine perfectly with the delicious wines of the designation of origin.


The home of the famous Sherry includes among its attractions the possibility to go on a tapas tour through their historical center, pairing dishes such as the tasty octopus salad, the shrimp omelet and the marinated sardines with the wines of this region.


In Viavinum we combine wine and gastronomy by offering an endless number of tapas tours so that you can experience this exquisite Spanish tradition.  You will wander the typical bars and taverns of the most emblematic areas such as the ones mentioned, but we are not limited to just these cities, the offer is wide and diverse:  Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Salamanca, Sevilla.  Sounds appetizing, doesn´t it?