Wine Tourism in Portugal

Wine tourism in Portugal

Portugal is pure wine, history, contrast

Portugal’s winemaking tradition dates back to the Roman Empire moment when its beautiful and green fields where covered with vineyards. This is the first trace of a path that continued throughout history and eventually made Portugal one of the largest producers in the world.

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Don’t let the small extension of this incredible country betray you. The Portuguese wine tourism is one of the richest and diverse, thanks to its uneven territory.

Would you like discover Portugal and its wines?

In the coastal area wines are molded with the Atlantic breezes, which do not reach the area inside giving a completely different touch to its taste. Enjoying wine tourism in Portugal allows you to travel across its surface, from north to south, from east to west, you will always find a vineyard that will make you lose track of time.

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Viñedos en Portugal

It´s difficult to find a wine growing country as full of contrasts as Portugal; in a relatively small territory there is a great variety of wines that are a product of Portugal´s varied geography and climate, from lands close to the sea, where the Atlantic Ocean exerts its regulating influence, to the inland, where wine cultivation is not as affected by the sea.

Throughout the Portuguese territory we find a great variety of rich wines, it’s no wonder that Portugal stands as the sixth wine producer in the world.


A distinctive feature: the Vinho Verde

One of the most recognized Portuguese wines is without a doubt the Vinho Verde; cultivated in the north of Portugal in a strip that spans between the Douro and the Miño valleys, right at the Spanish border. It receives this name because the grape used is extremely young, which has barely reached its point of ripeness.

Also, the vines are cultivated high off the ground allowing the possibility to grow other crops below the vines, thus preventing proliferation of diseases and plagues.

This wine is slightly acidic and often with sparkling notes due to the Atlantic climate that regulates the area and the premature gathering. This area is one of the most recommended for wine tourism in Portugal.

Some main areas for wine tourism in Portugal



This wine region is located in Upper Douro and is the oldest in the world, it dates from 1756 when the Marquis of Pombal created the demarcated region of Douro.

The main characteristic of Oporto wine is the addition of liquor to the wine when it is in the process of fermentation.  This technique stabilizes the wine which makes it especially suitable for transport and explains the high rate of exportation that this wine has traditionally experienced.  This is a sweet wine with high aromatic intensity.

The area offers a great number of activities for the wine tourist, from cruises on the Douro river to the chance to see and feel the wine harvest, to the possibility of going back in time with a steam train ride on the Douro line.

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Located in the center and south of Portugal, this region has been cultivating grapevines for more than 2.000 years, currently with 49.400 acres it is one of the most popular wine areas in this country.

The stable, hot and dry weather produces wines with a high alcohol content, and it is common to find labels showing more than 15% of alcohol; besides, the white wines are aromatic, fresh and harmonious while the reds are intense, with body, but smooth at the same time.

Conoce Alentejo


In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the island of Madeira is one of the best places for wine tourism combined with outdoor activities.

The most outstanding characteristic of this type of wine is its singular production process known as estufagem, the wine is heated to 60º C for an extended period of time and then exposed to oxidation in the barrel.

Among the experiences that the Atlantic island offers the wine tourist is the demonstration of this production technique as well as other activities like hiking or visits to the vineyards, in terraces sustained by bedrock.

Experience Portugal first hand, enjoy its landscapes, relax with its wines and discover its gastronomy.  We will be waiting for you with a Portugal wine route that will surprise you!

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