Wine Tourism in Alicante

The province of Alicante is mainly known for its beaches and exceptional climate, however, the inland part of the province produces some wines that are increasingly recognized nationally and internationally.

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The province of Alicante is located in the east of the Iberian Peninsula.  From the oenological point of view, there are two main areas where wine is produced:

La Marina

This sub-division, Marina Alta and Marina Baja, is located in the northern part of the Alicante province, bordering with the province of Valencia; while the Marina Alta is delimited by the sea and mountains such as the Montgó and Ferrer, the Marina Baja is characterized by a lower amount of rainfall.

El Vinalopó

This area is in the south of the province, in the boundaries of Albacete and Murcia; in this area the climate becomes harsher as we near inland, acquiring a continental type climate; from the mild temperatures of the coast to the high thermal contrasts and low precipitations of the Alto Vinalopó region, each area produces very exclusive wines.

Wines and grapes of Alicante

With somewhat more than 37.000 acres of vineyards and around 50 wine cellars, in the D.O. Alicante we find different kinds of wines.

White wines

The white wines are mostly produced with the grape variety Moscatel de Alejandria, very abundant in the region.  It is characterized by an early ripening and by providing pale, fresh wines with great wine-pairing potential.

Rosé wines

The rosé wines owe their origin to the grape that makes up 75% of the crop in the region:  the Monastrell variety; these are balanced wines with a great capacity for wine-pairing.

Red wines

Finally, the Alicante reds are mainly produced with the Monastrell grape, alone or combined with other varieties like Syrah or Merlot.  Reminiscent of berries, notes of forest and minerals and a great body prevail in these wines.

The sweet wines:  Fondillón

Perhaps the most renowned variety of wines of Alicante are the sweet wines, favored by the constant sun that bathes the area which results in adequate maturation of the fruits; among them, a wine with international fame, the Fondillón.

This type of wine is the result of late maturation of the Monastrell grape in its own vine; the second characteristic of this wine is the high alcohol content (minimum 16%) and no added sugars, also an aging period of 10 years is also necessary.If these requirements weren´t enough, it is necessary to age the wine using special barrels, called Monoveros.

Some wine tourism activities in Alicante

Tourism has been traditionally associated in the Alicante province with beaches and sunshine, however, in recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of visitors interested in wine tourism in Alicante.

The wine area of Alicante offers a great number of complementary experiences, from pairing the Alicante wines with some of the traditional dishes of the local gastronomy, often cooked using the vine shoots as firewood (rice dishes), to visits to charming towns like Monóvar or Villena, without forgetting the natural settings in the nearby mountains of Mariola and Montcabrer for our more active tourists, or enjoying golf at some of its great courses.

Alicante and its province have much to offer us, wines that are more unknown but just as interesting as the most classic ones. We are waiting for you for a route through the province! The best wineries combining dreamy dining experiences, this is Alicante!