Within the variety of Catalan wines, the Penedés wine is without a doubt one of the most renowned in Spain as well as around the world.

The Penedes Designation of Origin

Viñedos Penedés

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Penedés is located in the provinces of Tarragona and south of Barcelona; this exceptional location, only one hour away from one of the most visited cities in the world, Barcelona, has brought an immense number of visitors to see the city, which has contributed to an increase in wine tourism in Penedés.

With more than 66,700 acres of vineyards, there are three main areas to point out:

Upper Penedes

Located in the inland, this is a mountainous area with altitudes up to 800 meters, frequent rainfall and marked temperature changes, which causes less production than in other areas, although of exceptional quality.

Central Penedes

This area is located to the southeast of this territory; its moderate climate amid the other two sub-areas lends a larger grape production

Lower Penedes

Located in the coast, with scarce rainfall and moderate climate, which is typical of these seaside areas.

Wines and grapes of Penedes

White wines

Within the variety of wines that can be enjoyed in Penedés we can distinguish between white wines, made with traditional native varieties such as Xare.lo, Macabeu and Parellada, and others introduced in this territory at different times, mainly, Chardonnay or Riesling, which produce young wines, smooth and balanced as well as “crianzas” aged up to five years.

Red Wines

We can also enjoy a diversity of red wines, made with varieties such as Garnatxa, Syrah, Monastrell or Merlot, among others; these reds pair perfectly with grilled or roasted meats.



When we think of Penedés, probably we cannot forget its most famous product:  the cava, a sparkling wine made since mid nineteenth century in the region, that uses varieties of white grape such as Macabeu, Parellada, Malvasia, Chardonnay and Xare.lo. and also, red grapes such as Garnacha Tinta, Monastrell, Pinot Noir and Trepat, with its own Designation of Origin which lends character and personality.

Some wine tourism activities in Penedés

Penedés is only a short distance from one of the major tourist attractions in the world, the city of Barcelona.  Because of this, wine tourism has been deeply rooted in Penedés for many years.

This way the territory offers from guided visits to the most representative wine cellars of the region, with the possibility of tasting all varieties of wines and different varieties of cava, to tasting or wine-pairing seminars with products of the region such as cold meats, cheeses, olive oil and chocolate.

The wine tourist can also experience the sensation of spending the night contemplating the vineyards from modest rural lodgings, luxury hotels or traditional masías (rural villas) where you can relive the region´s history while tasting some of the typical products or enjoying an excellent brunch. Likewise, guided visits can be in the vineyards walking, in segways or bicycle.

Segway Viñedos Penedés

The wide selection for the wine tourist is completed with cultural activities such as music in the vineyards or stargazing, since the low light contamination makes it possible to observe the celestial wonders surrounded by grapevines.



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