Wine Tourism in Ribera del Duero

Among the different areas for wine tourism in Spain, one of the most acclaimed by travelers is the Ribera del Duero; in the last years this region has acquired great importance for the wine tourism industry.

The Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin


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This designation of origin includes more than 54.300 acres of vineyards grouped into more than 300 wineries.

Geographically they extend along the course of the Río Duero (Duero river) covering the provinces of Soria, Burgos, Segovia and Valladolid, in a strip of around 115 kilometers long and 35 wide.

The characteristics of the wine are shaped by the climate in the region; the sudden changes in temperature between the summer night and day combined with the intense cold during the winter that delays fruit maturation makes a perfectly balanced grape for the fall season.

Ribera del Duero grape

The grape mostly used in the Ribera del Duero is the Tempranillo (also known locally as “Tinta fina” or “Tinta del País”), with more than 90% of the production.

In any case the Regulatory Council normative requires that at least 75% of the grape used has to be this variety.  It is an exceptionally adaptable grape that is resistant to harsh climate and produces wines with aromas such as blackberry, other berries, sweet tannin and moderate acidity.

Other grapes used in the Designation of Origin are Cabernet-Sauvignon, whose characteristics increase the acidity of the wine and provide aromas such as vegetables; as well as the Merlot and Malbec grape, although these are used in small quantities due to its low production and difficult adaptation.

For the production of rosé, the white Albillo variety is used, which makes an aromatic fruity wine with moderate acidity.

Some wine tourism activities in Ribera del Duero

This territory offers a great variety of wine tourism activities; there are routes including cultural visits to the Peñafiel Castle combined with archeology inside the castle, or tapas routes with visits to wine cellars or wine and cheese tastings.

The outdoor activities like bicycle excursions, canoeing or boat excursions in the Duero river are an excellent option to combine with other wine tourism activities.

In this region we can enjoy wine tourism just by admiring the wine cellar facilities because, as it happens in La Rioja, some of the wine cellars grouped in this designation of origin have been designed by famous names in the world of architecture; such as Bodegas Protos, designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour, Alonso Balaguer and associated architects who built the majority of the facilities underground and the above-ground level designed in warehouse form, or Bodegas Portia, designed by Norman Foster as a star-shaped structure made of cement, steel, oak and glass.

Cata Ribera

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