Wine Tourism in Utiel – Requena

Some wine regions have experienced expansion in recent years, one of these is the region of Utiel-Requena in Valencia which has grown vigorously in terms of wine quality and wine tourism options.

The Utiel-Requena Designation of Origin

Located in the westernmost part of the province of Valencia, the region is placed on a circular plateau with an altitude of 600 to 900 meters.  These physical characteristics create a continental Mediterranean type of climate, with relatively scarce precipitation and a significant wide range of temperatures, making it an ideal territory for the grapevine, where its cultivation goes back 2500 years, since there is archeological evidence of the Iberians cultivating this fruit.

Currently, with more than 74.100 acres dedicated to the cultivation of the grapevine it is the most homogenous region of the Valencian Community, with almost 100 wine cellars and more than 5000 wine growers, making the wine the main economic engine of the region.

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Wines and grapes of Utiel-Requena

Among the wines produced in Utiel-Requena we emphasize the following:


These are wines produced with at least 85% of the preferential grape varieties endorsed in the region and meet the required minimum standards of quality based on criteria of the Designation of Origin governing bodies.

First wine harvest

These wines are produced exclusively with grapes gathered in the first 10 days of the wine harvest.  This early gathering grants them their special qualities, emphasizing a low concentration of carbon dioxide.


Bobal with specific mention

This designation is used to label wines, whether they are whites, rosés or reds, that are produced exclusively with “Bobal” grape variety, native of the region and that comprises around 75% of the total area.

Wines aged in barrels

These are wines that have been subjected to an aging process in barrels, generally oak; this generic designation includes Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva.

Bobal high expression

This wine is the jewel of the crown of wines produced in the region.  They are wines made with grapes from 35 year-old vines that give a maximum output.  They are subjected to strict controls by the regulating organism to guarantee the highest levels of quality and purity of the best wines.

Some wine tourism activities in Utiel-Requena

For an Utiel Requena wine tourism activity we recommend a visit to the wide variety of wineries in the region, some with lodging where the wine tourist can be informed by the wine experts about the production process and the grape varieties, ending with a wine tasting where the visitor can perceive the wide variety of aromas, flavors and nuances that garnish these wines.

The wine tourist can also enjoy special activities such as stargazing in the vineyards or the opportunity to participate in popular events such as the Requena Wine Festival at the end of August.

Finally, the wine tourism in Utiel-Requena offers nature oriented activities: hiking and horseback riding in the nearby Parque Natural de las Hoces del Cabriel (Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park).

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