Couple´s Getaways

Couple´s Getaways

For the most romantic ones! Enjoy an exclusive romantic getaway

Give experiences, tastes, good wines…. Enjoy a unique short break with your couple. Because sometimes, small details, are those that count. A perfect plan that will become a magical journey. Now, it all depends on you! If you don’t know what to give away, we offer you a list of ideas for a perfect romantic tour:

In recent years, one of the tourist sector´s stronger commitments have been tourism for couples, so an entire infrastructure has been created to satisfy this need, with offers of different kinds appearing everywhere and making it possible for couples to disconnect from their routines with days filled with experiences, leaving behind the daily stress and renewing the romance.

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Where can we enjoy the perfect couple´s getaway?

Since offers for these types of activities are practically unlimited, anywhere in our country, Italy, Portugal or France, we have a place to spend a couple of days relaxing with our companion.

Hotels that include spa or massage sessions, cultural visits to monumental cities, outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, or boat tours down the Ribera del Guadalquivir are only some of the experiences that we can enjoy, but, one of the most popular activities are getaways related to the world of wine, the so-called enotourism weekend that more and more establishments offer to the wine tourist and his or her companion.


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Wineries and hotels

If you want to surprise your other half and spend an unforgettable weekend there is no better plan than to stay in one of the hotels located in the wineries; these types of hotels are found in all of the vineyard locations, generally they are high quality hotels with an enthusiastic taste for detail, also restaurants where you can try the dishes that are better paired with the wines that the winery has to offer. Similarly, they usually have additional services to make the getaway in the winery as pleasant as possible:  spa, massages with the pulp of fresh grapes or a chance to play golf.

Enjoy the best services and care waking up each day to amazing views, feel the aroma of the wet soil, and the scent of the vineyards that surround you.  You will love it.

Alquezar Somontano

Culinary Experiences

Another experience to enjoy with your significant other is the getaway associated with gastronomy.  In this experience, you can visit farmers’ markets or take traditional cooking classes, fun gastronomy workshops or an incredible tapas tour in San Sebastian, Bilbao or La Rioja among many others.

However, one of the most popular activities for couples is wine tasting.  Together with our companion, we can enjoy a class with an expert sommelier who will guide us through the ins and outs of the world of wine and teach us the basics of wine as well as the most relevant processes in the elaboration of this precious delicacy.

Bodega Priorat

Luxury Experiences

For couples with more spending potential, experiences have been created to make the weekend getaway as memorable as possible; from a helicopter ride to visit the vineyards of the Designation of Origin of Alella or Ribera del Duero, to driving a luxury race car before  witnessing the cava elaboration process, all options are open to make the weekend getaway the trip of your dreams.

We are ready to organize your customized couple´s getaway!  You only need to let your imagination run free, we will take care of the rest.